Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania
(215) 752-1111

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Our curriculum includes a complete 100 hour course of study.  Diploma is valid nationwide. Once course is completed and diploma is awarded, graduates can groom in any part of the country.

Classes will include:

  • Maintenance grooming
  • Salon safety techniques
  • Basic first aid
  • Dog anatomy
  • Grooming tools, shears, dryers and supplies required for grooming
  • Bathing, conditioning and drying procedures
  • Nail clipping and ear cleaning
  • Brushing, combing, deshedding and dematting
  • Ear anatomy and care
  • Scissoring techniques
  • Identifying potential health problems
  • Time and quality grooming production requirements
  • Poodle styles
  • Standard breed cuts
  • Correcting body lines
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of the work area
  • Customer relations, appointment scheduling, business of pet grooming
  • Clipper and shear maintenance

Curriculum is subject to change depending on the class.  Clock hours are approximate.

ADVANCED CLASS IS NOW AVAILABLE.  We now have an Advanced Class of an additional 150 Hours (6 Weeks-Tues-Sat 10-3) for past graduates or students that wish to add 150 hours onto their Basic Program.  Tuition for Advanced Class is $3500, plus tools and registration fee.  (Students who take Advanced Dog Grooming immediately after graduating from Basic Professional Dog Grooming will not be charged for registration or the grooming kit a second time.)  Advanced class is open by invitation only.  Student can request a conference with the School Director in the 3rd week of the Basic class to see if they're eligible to enroll in the Advanced class.)